How to achieve a 90 Score in PTE Exam?

How to achieve a 90 Score in PTE Exam?

PTE exam is a popular English proficiency test that is widely recognized by universities, employers, and immigration authorities around the world. Achieving a high score in the PTE exam is essential if you want to study, work or live in an English-speaking country. Many students aim to achieve a score of 90 or higher, which is considered a benchmark for proficiency. In this blog post, we will discuss how to score 90 in PTE writing, Speaking, Listening & Reading.

Understand the Updates:

Stay aware of important updates regarding fee increases especially in  and other countries. The first step toward success is to be aware of changes that may affect your testing strategy. The video emphasizes the importance of thorough preparation due to the rising costs of retaking exams.

Optimize Free Tools:

Take advantage of the Vision Language Experts portal, a valuable tool offering free PTE mock tests with score and feedback. This resource allows you to identify your weaknesses and work on them before the actual exam, ensuring you are well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

Speaking Module Strategies:

To improve your speaking skills, you should practice speaking in English as much as possible. Try to speak fluently and confidently, and focus on using a wide range of vocabulary and grammar structures. You should also practice responding to different types of questions, such as describing images, summarizing texts, and answering opinion-based questions.

  • Read Aloud – The 12-Word Strategy: Despite potential doubts, 12-word strategy remains effective. Emphasize speaking the first sentence entirely and avoid picking sentences from the middle of paragraphs. The key here is fluency and adherence to the proven strategy.
  • Repeat Sentences: Fluency takes precedence over content. Practice consistently for 30 minutes daily. Don't fret over missed content; correct yourself and maintain a consistent pace.
  • Describe Image and Retell Lecture: Templates are your friends. Cover crucial keywords and maintain consistency in speed and pitch. For those aiming for higher bands, use advanced vocabulary in Describe Image, and cover words from the entire lecture in Re-tell Lecture.

Writing Module Skills:

To improve your writing skills, you should practice writing different types of essays, such as argumentative, descriptive, and informative essays. Try to focus on using a wide range of vocabulary and grammar structures, and practice organizing your ideas in a clear and logical way. You should also practice editing your writing to improve your spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

  1. Summarize It in Text: Almost as important as the essay, ensure you proofread thoroughly, avoiding spelling and grammar mistakes.
  2. Essay Writing: Choose templates that cover all keywords from the question. Revise your chosen template, proofread diligently, and secure a perfect 15 out of 15.

Reading Module Success:

To improve your reading skills, you should practice reading a variety of texts, such as articles, reports, and academic papers. Try to focus on understanding the main ideas and details of what you are reading, and practice summarizing the information in your own words. You should also practice answering different types of reading questions, such as multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, and reorder paragraphs.

  • Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks: Employ elimination, prediction, scanning, and skimming techniques. Strengthen your vocabulary and grammar skills. Focus more on these tasks than on others within the reading module.
  • Reorder Paragraphs: Aim for over 50% accuracy, utilizing the pairing method for optimal results.

Listening Module Excellence:

To improve your listening skills, you should practice listening to a variety of English accents and speakers. You should also practice listening to different types of recordings, such as lectures, conversations, and interviews. Try to focus on understanding the main ideas and details of what you are listening to, and take notes to help you remember key points.

  • Summarize Spoken Text: Templates help, but note-taking is crucial. Proofread to avoid grammar and spelling errors.
  • Listening Fill in the Blanks: Pay attention to spelling, and request a spelling list if needed. Focus on tense accuracy in your responses.
  • Highlighting Correct Words: Practice at a higher speed, and read along with the speaker to pick up errors swiftly.
  • Write from Dictation: Implement the initial strategy of writing down initial letters, and don't shy away from adding extra words. This task is a game-changer; use it to secure your desired scores in listening and writing.

In addition to these tips, there are several other strategies that you can use to improve your PTE exam performance. For example, you should familiarize yourself with the PTE exam format and practice using the computer-based system. You should also practice time management to ensure that you can complete all the tasks within the allocated time.

Debunking Myths:

Don't be swayed by myths surrounding strategies like the 12-word approach, essay templates, and adding extra words in dictation. The provided results show that these strategies work when implemented correctly.

Regular Mock Tests:

Regularly take advantage of PTE mock tests on the Vision Language Experts portal. Gain personalized feedback on your test performance and receive recommendations for improvement. Use these insights to refine your preparation strategy.

Closing remarks

Success in the PTE exam requires a careful approach, updated strategies, and taking advantage of resources. By understanding the nuances of each module and task, focusing on fluency, vocabulary and grammar, and practicing consistently, you pave your way to a stellar performance. Stay informed, stay focused, and guide your journey toward 90 in PTE exam with preparation and confidence.

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