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₹1700 (Validity : 1 Month)

  • Full Mocks tests - 3

  • Sectional Mocks: 1 Per Module i.e 4 Sectional

  • Templates and Prediction File

  • 3000+ exam oriented questions

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₹2500 (Validity : 1 Months)

  • Full Mocks tests - 5

  • Sectional Mocks: 2 Per Module i.e 8 Sectional

  • Templates and Prediction File

  • 3000+ exam oriented questions

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Get Real Exam Experience through PTE Practice Test

At Vision Language Experts, we provide PTE practice tests online that include various sections including Speaking, reading, writing and listening that reflect real exam conditions. Boost your exam preparation with our insightful PTE mock test review that provide personalized feedback. At Vision Language Experts, candidates are offered regular PTE exam practice, helping to gain increased confidence. Get prepared for your exam with Vision Language Experts' PTE full mock test with answers. With a track record of successfully helping thousands of students, we are proud to be a trusted partner in your journey towards PTE success.

PTE Academic Practice Test Packages

Explore our range of PTE Academic Practice Test Packages to practice section-wise or task-wise, making it easier for you to improve your skils.The cost of enrollment varies depending on factors such as the number of mock tests included and the methods used to solve students' doubts. Vision Language Experts also provides PTE sample mock test for users to assess the quality of packages. For precise details on enrollment costs and package options, contact us via a quick phone call. Additionally, we offer a range of other mock tests, including IELTS Mock Tests and NAATI Mock Tests, for the benefit of our valued patrons.

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Vision Language Experts for PTE Mock Test?

Vision Language Experts offers online PTE mock tests designed by experienced professionals following the latest PTE exam pattern. After completion test, you will receive a comprehensive score report with detailed information highlighting mistakes, and feedback for improvement. Time duration of the mock test is similar to the actual PTE exam, ensuring effective time management practice for the actual exam.

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Accurate Scoring

Our PTE Mock Test culminates with a score card that gives you an accurate idea of your current PTE preparation level. It indicates if you are ready to appear for the PTE exam or need more time to prepare.


Module-wise Assessment

Vision’s PTE Mock Test is very helpful for candidates who are struggling in one module or another because the scoring in the mock test gives you an in-depth analysis of each question type and the areas to improve.


Personalised feedback

In case you are concerned about your mock test result or PTE exam result, you also book a free consultation and our in-house PTE instructors will reach out and discuss your strengths and weak areas.


24*7 Access

We at Vision understand how busy life can get and there can be a little to no time to devote for PTE preparation. Our mock tests are 100% online and can be accessed at any time and at any place of your choice.

Best PTE Online Practice Test Platform

Experience real PTE exam format with our comprehensive PTE online mock tests, get instant results with section-wise score. These PTE practice tests help you authentically assess your performance and identify areas for improvement. Our tests are designed by native English speakers with the latest PTE exam pattern. Build your confidence through section-wise practice.


  • Read Aloud
  • Repeat Sentence
  • Describe Image
  • Re-tell Lecture
  • Answer Short Questions


  • Summarize Written Text
  • Write Essay


  • Multiple Choice Single Answer
  • Re-order Paragraphs
  • Reading Fill In The Blanks
  • Multiple Choice Multiple Answers
  • Reading & Writing - Fill In The Blanks


  • Summarize Spoken Text
  • MCQ Single Answer
  • MCQ Multiple Answers
  • Highlight correct summary
  • Select Missing Word
  • Fill In The Blanks
  • Highlight Incorrect Words
  • Write From Dictation

Achieve Success with Section-Focused Mock Tests for PTE

How Vision Language Experts PTE Scoring Process Works?


Most Frequent Questions

Yes, Vision Language Experts offers one free PTE Mock Test for aspirants who want to trial the test. This complimentary mock test allows individuals to experience the quality of the mock test and assess their readiness for the PTE exam.

Online PTE mock tests offer a cost-effective and accessible means to assess one's readiness for the exam, allowing test-takers to simulate real test conditions. Immediate performance feedback helps individuals pinpoint areas for improvement, facilitating targeted study efforts.

Vision Language Experts stands out as an excellent platform for PTE practice tests. Renowned for their leading position in PTE coaching, personalized guidance, and a successful track record, we offer affordable PTE Mock Tests, allowing aspirants to assess their skills effectively.

Yes, Vision Vision Language Experts is dedicated to providing PTE aspirants with full mock tests that include answers in PDF format. The accompanying answers in PDF allow for a thorough review, helping you identify and focus on areas that need improvement in your PTE preparation.

Yes, PTE mock tests at Vision Language Experts are designed to practicing individual sections of the exam. By targeting specific sections, you can concentrate on areas where improvement is needed.

Aim to complete around 10-12 mock tests as part of your PTE exam preparation. However, the number of mock tests to prepare for PTE exam depends on your efficiency and learning speed.

Yes, At Vision Language Experts, you will be able to review the questions you answered incorrectly. This feature allows you to identify specific areas that may need more attention and practice.

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