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About PTE Video Course

Do you want to crack PTE exam with confidence? Introducing PTE video course from the Vision Language experts! This course is the ultimate guide to every aspect of PTE exam, from speaking to writing, reading and listening. Our goal? Equipping you with the skills and strategies you need to get that test score. Whether you are just starting out or aiming to boost your skills, this course is designed for you. Perfect for students with academic dreams or planning to immigrate, PTE Videos led by our expert Mr. Vishal Kapoor provide guidance to ensure that you are fully prepared to tackle PTE with ease.

Benefits of PTE full Video Course

PTE Advanced video course option offers a number of important benefits for candidates wishing to gain proficiency in Pearson Test of English. Firstly, this course offers unique learning opportunities under the guidance of PTE experts Mr. Vishal Kapoor. Advanced Practice Through daily practice supported by live recorded sessions, students can effectively improve their skills. Additionally, this course provides access to the latest, updated strategies designed for PTE exam, demonstrated through practical examples for better understanding.

Advanced Video Courses
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$99(Limited Time Offer)

  • No. of Full Mock Tests included 12
    Feedback with score on email

  • No. of Sectional Mock Tests 20 (4 From Each Section)

  • No. of Tasks Wise Mock Tests 42 (3 From Each Tasks)

  • Study Plans - With Detailed Feedback

  • Proven templates

  • Monthly prediction file

  • Access to practice portal

  • Proven video course - secret strategies (2023)

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  1. All plans are for one month. After one month the plan will auto-renew.
  2. Once the payment is made, no refund will be issued. If you cancel the course in the middle of the course, still no refund will be issued, but your course will continue till the period lapses.
  3. All the courses are strictly non-transferable.
  4. Top-ups can be used, but the course expiry still stays same as per the initial plan.

PTE Online Advanced Video Course INCLUSIONS:

  • Updated Secret Strategy Videos of all four modules
  • Easiest & Proven PTE Templates
  • Monthly Prediction Files
  • Grammar-based PTE Reading Tips
  • Unlimited Real-Exam-oriented Practice Material
  • Module-wise Performance Tracker
  • 24/7 access to the PTE Preparation Portal
  • Demonstration of Real-exam Questions
  • Regular Recordings of the Live Sessions

PTE Online Video Course

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