How to Prepare PTE in 2 Weeks?

How to Prepare PTE in 2 Weeks?

Pearson Test of English is a widely recognized English language proficiency test, and preparing for it in just 2 weeks may seem like a challenging effort. However, our expert Vishal Kapoor has revealed a strategic self-preparation plan that promises to prove to be a game-changer for the aspirants. This 2 weeks PTE study plan is backed by years of experience and has been thoughtfully designed to equip candidates with the skills needed to pass PTE exam. In this detailed guide, we will shed light on the details of planning each day while emphasizing the importance of strategic preparation and consistent effort.

Is Two Weeks Enough for PTE Preparation?

Yes, with a Strategic Approach.

While a 14-day timeframe may seem tight for some, it is indeed possible to achieve success with a strategic and focused approach. Success of 2 week PTE study plan lies in its careful design, focusing on targeted practice and addressing weak areas. Plan breaks down each day into specific tasks, ensuring candidates cover all aspects of PTE exam.

PTE Study Plan for 2 Weeks (14 Days)

Days 1-2: Laying the Foundation

The first two days of the scheme focus on honing speaking, writing and listening skills.

The first two days of the plan focus on developing skills in speaking, writing, and listening tasks. Candidates are encouraged to spend at least 3-4 hours daily, ensuring dedicated practice. Tasks include read alouds, summarize written text, and listening fill in the blanks. Priority is placed on perfecting templates and addressing weak areas, with a primary focus on achieving perfect scores in template-based tasks.

Days 3-4: Template Perfection and Task Enhancement

Continue concentration on speaking and writing tasks on days 3 and 4, with additional emphasis on reading across the blanks. The plan encourages candidates to reflect on their performance and work on identified weak areas. The goal is to establish a strong foundation before moving into the reading module in the following days.

Days 5-6: Transition to Reading Tasks

Days 5 and 6 mark the transition to reading tasks, incorporating repeat sentences, reading and writing blanks, and reorder paragraphs into the daily practice routine. The introduction of reading tasks is an important moment in planning, which requires candidates to focus their attention and integrate reading skills into their preparation.

Day 7: Mock Test and Analysis

Day 7 is a turning point in the preparation journey. Candidates are advised to take a complete PTE practice test  to replicate exam environment. Analysis of mock test results becomes an important tool in guiding the focus for the upcoming days. Identifying weak areas and fine-tuning strategies based on mock test insights is helpful in enhancing overall performance.

Days 8-10: Sectional Mock Tests and Monthly Predictions

The following days will consist of sectional mock tests, each dedicated to a specific module. Tasks such as repeats and tenses, reading and writing blanks, reorder paragraphs, and right from dictations are given priority. This plan focuses on monthly prediction questions, which guides the candidates to prepare for the likely topics that will appear in the actual exam.

Days 11-12: Full Mock Tests for Listening and Reading

On Days 11 and 12, full mock tests for listening and reading were given. This repetition of complete mock test helps the candidates to boost their confidence and hone their time management skills. Analysis of these tests becomes an essential aspect of identifying areas of improvement and consolidating the knowledge gained during the preparation period.

Days 13-14: Final Refinement and Revision

The last two days involve careful revision of content covered in the preparation plan. Candidates are encouraged to practice the prediction file content extensively, ensuring comprehensive coverage of potential exam topics. Special attention is given to addressing the weak areas identified in the previous mock tests, to ensure that no stone is left unturned in the preparation journey.

Free Mock Test Opportunity:

Vision Language Experts generously provides candidates with an opportunity to access a free scored mock test by signing up on their portal. This valuable resource allows candidates to gauge their readiness for the exam and receive personalized, detailed feedback. The feedback becomes a roadmap for improvement, guiding candidates on specific areas that require attention in the final stretch of their preparation.


PTE preparation in 14 days demands a strategic approach, consistent efforts and targeted practice. By following this 2 week PTE study plan diligently, candidates can take the PTE exam with confidence, equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in each module. Success in the Pearson Test of English can be achieved by disciplined following this carefully crafted 14-day preparation guide.


Vishal Kapoor -Author

Vishal Kapoor

(PTE & NAATI Expert)

Vishal Kapoor is having 6+ years of expertise in instructing PTE and NAATI, both in Australia and internationally, with an impressive 100% success rate among students. As a certified expert by Pearson in PTE and NAATI, Vishal Kapoor has developed a comprehensive teaching approach derived from extensive research and a wealth of teaching experience. Tailoring coaching techniques to individual skill levels and target scores, Vishal's guidance has proven instrumental in helping numerous aspirants attain their desired scores. With a commitment to personalized tips and solutions, Vishal Kapoor is dedicated to facilitating the success of those preparing for PTE and NAATI examinations.

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