How to Score 90 in PTE Listening?

How to Score 90 in PTE Listening?

PTE Listening module is designed to assess your ability to understand spoken English in an academic setting. The test includes a variety of question types that evaluate different listening skills, such as understanding the main idea, details, and the ability to infer meaning. Scoring 90 in PTE Listening is not about magic tricks but about understanding the exam pattern, focusing on high-impact areas, and practicing strategically.

PTE Listening Scoring Criteria

Question Type Skills Assessed Scoring Criteria
Summarize Spoken Text Listening, Writing Content, Form, Grammar, Vocabulary
Multiple Choice (Single/Multiple Answers) Listening, Comprehension Correct/Incorrect Responses
Fill in the Blanks Listening, Vocabulary Correct Words
Highlight Correct Summary Listening, Comprehension Correct/Incorrect Options
Select Missing Word Listening, Prediction Correct/Incorrect Options
Highlight Incorrect Words Listening, Reading, Comprehension Correct/Incorrect Words
Write from Dictation Listening, Writing, Spelling Correct Sentence, Grammar, Spelling

8 Quick Tips for PTE Listening

  1. Focus on Fluency in Repeat Sentence
  • Prioritize fluency over content.
  • Avoid unnecessary pauses and speak in a natural flow.
  1. Listening Fill in the Blanks
  • Use grammar awareness to choose the correct word.
  • Ensure spelling accuracy.
  1. Write from Dictation
  • Break down sentences into smaller phrases.
  • Add extra relevant words without reducing your score.
  1. Highlight Incorrect Words
  • Listen and read separately to accurately identify incorrect words.
  1. Summarize Spoken Text
  • Use phrases instead of isolated keywords.
  • Ensure grammatical accuracy.
  1. Skip Certain Tasks
  • Make an educated guess and move on in tasks like “Choose Single Answer”, “Multiple Answer”, etc.
  • Focus on more critical sections like “Write from Dictation”.
  1. Answer Short Question
  • Provide the answer if known, repeat the question, or simply skip if unsure.
  1. Right from Dictation - Don’t Memorize
  • Focus on understanding and capturing phrases.
  • Apply this technique naturally.

Key Areas to Focus On

Now we will discuss PTE Listening test preparation strategies in detail.

  1. Speaking Module Contribution

Many students overlook the impact of the speaking module on their listening scores. In reality, the speaking module contributes around 30 to 35 marks to the listening component. Key tasks within the speaking module that affect your listening scores include-

  • Repeat Sentences
  • Retell Lecture
  • Answer Short Questions
  • Shortcut for Repeat Sentences and Answers

Students often lose marks in “Repeat sentence” and answers due to over-focusing on content, thereby neglecting fluency and pronunciation. Here’s a quick strategy to improve:

  1. Focus 75-80% on content. Remember, capturing 8 out of 10 words can still get you full marks for content.
  2. Write down the initial letters of the first few words and remember the last few words.
  3. Practice this method consistently to enhance your performance.
  1. Summarize Spoken Text Tips

This task significantly contributes to both your listening and writing scores. To familar with “Summarize Spoken Text”, you need to do the following-

  • Note-taking Skills: Practice writing quickly and accurately.
  • Spelling: Ensure your spellings are correct.
  • Template Usage: Use an effective and easy-to-follow template.
  1. Listening Fill in the Blanks Strategy

This task is important, and practicing under distractions can help you prepare for real exam conditions where background noise might be present.

  • Practice with background distractions to improve concentration.
  • For grammar and spelling, place the blank in the sentence and read it to determine the correct tense and plurality.
  • Remember, the answer is always one word; avoid writing two words for any blank.
  1. Effective Write from Dictation Strategy

“Write from Dictation” is one of the final tasks in the Listening Module but also one of the most important. Here’s a highly effective strategy-

  • Initial Letters Strategy: Write down the initial letters of the words as you hear them.
  • Rough Note-taking: Write down the complete sentence roughly before typing it on the screen.
  • Spellings: If unsure about spellings, write down both possible options. You won’t lose marks for additional words.
  1. Tips for Highlight Incorrect Words

This task requires intense focus. The key is to identify words that sound similar but are different from the text displayed on the screen.

  • Enhance your concentration skills.
  • Practice “Highlight Incorrect Words” in mock tests.
  • Utilize online platforms that offer practice questions similar to the real exam.

PTE Listening Materials

To aid your preparation, leverage tools and materials available online. Vision Language Experts offers a comprehensive portal with practice questions, prediction files, and more. Here are some of the features:

  • Vocabulary and Spellings Section: Automatically records your spelling mistakes for review.
  • Highlight Incorrect Words Practice: Provides real-time practice questions to enhance your skills.
  • Listening Fill in the Blanks Practice: Offers a variety of questions to simulate real exam conditions.

Overall Listening Strategy

  • Prioritize high-impact modules like “Repeat Sentence”, “Listening Fill in the Blanks”, and “Write from Dictation”.
  • Regular practice and feedback can help you identify and correct mistakes, ensuring continuous improvement.

Understand that modules like “Listening Fill in the Blanks” are like mathematics: write the correct spelling to get the marks.


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