How to Use Connectors in PTE Writing?

How to Use Connectors in PTE Writing?

When preparing for PTE exam, the main area many students struggle with is using connectors effectively. Connectors in PTE writing play a key role in ensuring coherence and cohesion, making it easier to score high marks in the exam. Using connectors effectively in PTE writing is crucial to creating clear, coherent and engaging responses. By understanding the different types of connectors and how to use them, you can improve the quality of your writing and increase your chances of scoring high marks.

Connectors in PTE writing serve as bridges, guiding readers through the logical flow of ideas. They enhance coherence and cohesion by signaling relationships between sentences and paragraphs. This helps readers follow the author's chain of thought, making the text easier to understand. As a result, readers can move through the content seamlessly, understanding the author's message more effectively.

Why Connectors Matter in PTE Writing?

Connectors also known as linking words or transition words, are words or phrases that link sentences and ideas together. They help in structuring your writing by showing the relationship between different parts of your text. Using connectors appropriately can:

  • Enhance readability: They make your writing flow smoothly, making it easier for the reader to follow your arguments and ideas.
  • Show logical relationships: Connectors clarify how ideas are related, whether it is cause and effect, contrast, addition, or sequence.
  • Improve coherence and cohesion: They bind your sentences and paragraphs together, creating a unified piece of writing.

Common Connectors in PTE Writing and Their Uses

Here are some common connectors used in PTE writing, along with their explanations and examples:

Moreover: Adds information to the previous point.
Example:  The new policy will reduce pollution levels in the city. Moreover, it is expected to improve public health by decreasing respiratory illnesses.

Nevertheless: Introduces a contrast or a surprising fact.
Example: The weather was terrible, with heavy rain and strong winds. Nevertheless, the event went ahead as planned, and the participants enjoyed it.

Although/Even though: Shows a contrast between two statements.
Example: Although he studied very hard for the exam, he didn't achieve the expected results.
                 Even though it was a difficult decision, she chose to move to a new city for a better job opportunity.

Therefore: Indicates a result or conclusion.
Example: She was the most qualified candidate for the job; therefore, she was hired immediately.

However: Indicates a contrast or a shift in the argument.
Example: The project was completed on time. However, there were several issues that needed to be addressed during the final review.

Since: Shows cause and effect, often indicating time.
Example: Since it was raining heavily, the outdoor event was moved to an indoor venue.

Unless: Indicates a condition.
Example: You won't be able to access the building unless you have a valid ID card.

Strategies for Using Connectors Effectively

To use connectors effectively in your PTE writing, follow these strategies:

  1. Understand Meaning Connectors

Before you can use connectors correctly, you need to understand their meanings and how they function within a sentence. For example, "although" introduces a contrast, while "therefore" introduces a result. Knowing this can help you choose the right connector for each situation.

  1. Practice Identifying Connectors in Texts

Read various texts and practice identifying the connectors used. Pay attention to how they link different ideas and the types of relationships they indicate. This will help you get a feel for how connectors are used in context.

  1. Use Connectors to Predict Missing Words

In the reading section of the PTE, you might encounter blanks that need to be filled in with the appropriate word or phrase. By understanding the connectors, you can predict the type of word that fits best in the blank. For instance, if the sentence requires a contrast, you can look for words like "however" or "although."

  1. Avoid Overusing Connectors

While connectors are important, overusing them can make your writing seem forced and unnatural. Use them judiciously to ensure that your writing flows naturally. Too many connectors can clutter your text and distract from your main points.

  1. Review and Edit Your Writing

After writing, review your work to check if you have used connectors appropriately. Make sure that each connector you use serves a clear purpose and enhances the clarity and coherence of your writing.

Example of Using Connectors in PTE Essay

Topic: Why do most Indian students go to study abroad?


The trend of Indian students pursuing higher education abroad has been steadily increasing over the past few years. In this essay, I will explore the reasons behind this phenomenon. Although there are many challenges associated with studying abroad, its benefits are significant and varied.

Body Paragraph 1

First and foremost, many Indian students choose to study abroad for a better quality of education. For example, universities in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada are renowned for their advanced research facilities and experienced faculty. Moreover, these institutions often offer a wide range of specialized courses that may not be available in India.

Body Paragraph 2

However, the decision to study abroad is not based solely on academic factors. For instance, the opportunity to gain international exposure and experience different cultures is a major attraction. Nevertheless, this cultural immersion can sometimes lead to homesickness and adjustment issues. Therefore, it is essential for students to mentally prepare themselves for these challenges.”

Body Paragraph 3

In addition, studying abroad can enhance career prospects. Since global companies value international experience, those who graduate from foreign universities often have better job opportunities. Furthermore, the networking opportunities available at these universities can open up global career paths that may not be accessible otherwise.

Body Paragraph 4

Even though the cost of studying abroad can be high, many students and their families see it as a worthwhile investment. Consequently, they often seek scholarships, part-time jobs, and educational loans to fund their studies. Thus, financial planning becomes an important aspect of the decision-making process.


The desire of Indian students to pursue higher education abroad is driven by a number of factors, including quality of education, international experience, and better career prospects. Although this journey involves significant challenges, the potential benefits make it an attractive option for many. Overall, studying abroad presents a valuable opportunity for personal and professional growth.

In Brief

Using connectors effectively in PTE Writing is about to creating clear, coherent and engaging responses. They help in structuring your writing, making it coherent and easy to read. By understanding the different types of connectors and how to use them, you can improve the quality of your writing and increase your chances of getting a high score. 

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