PTE Essay Writing Tips and Tricks

PTE Essay Writing Tips and Tricks

Are you preparing for PTE exam and feeling a little nervous about the writing module? Don't worry; you are not alone. Many students find PTE essay writing a bit difficult. But don't be afraid! With the right approach and some useful tips and tricks, you can easily complete this section like a professional.

Understanding PTE writing task

For the essay writing task in PTE exam, you have to prepare an essay of 200 to 300 words within the limited time limit of 20 minutes. Although this may seem challenging, it is completely manageable if you stick to the basics and avoid over-complicating things.

Marking criteria 

Your essay will be evaluated based on seven parameters:

  1. Content: Make sure you address all aspects of the essay prompt and include all relevant keywords.
  2. Format: Write within the specified word limit (200-300 words) to score full marks.
  3. Grammar: Aim for flawless grammar to maximize your score.
  4. Spelling: Avoid spelling errors to score full marks in this category.
  5. Vocabulary: Use a wide range of terminology and avoid using informal language or abbreviations.
  6. Development, structure, and coherence: Organize your essay into coherent paragraphs with logical connectors for smooth flow.
  7. Linguistic range: Demonstrate your proficiency by using a diverse vocabulary and minimizing repetition of words.

Foolproof PTE essay writing template

To streamline your essay writing process, follow this simple but effective template:

  • Introduction: Provide an overview of the topic and state your stance.
  • Body paragraph: Present arguments that support your point of view, citing relevant research or examples.
  • Counterargument: Accept opposing ideas and refute them with evidence or logic.
  • Conclusion: Summarize your arguments and reiterate your position, leaving a lasting impression on the reader.

Tips for success in PTE essay writing

  • Include keywords: Include all the keywords from the essay prompt to demonstrate your understanding.
  • Adhere to word limit: Aim for around 250–270 words for optimal balance between content and time management.
  • Proofread thoroughly: Allocate time for proofreading to spot any grammar or spelling errors.
  • Practice smart: Familiarize yourself with the essay template and PTE practice using it to increase your efficiency.

Why does this approach work?

Although the essay template may seem formulaic, it has been designed to align perfectly with the marking criteria, ensuring that you meet all the requirements for a great score. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all answer in the PTE exam; focus on delivering a well-structured essay that comprehensively addresses the prompt.

Ready to succeed in your essay writing assignment?

Armed with these invaluable tips and tricks, you are well-equipped to tackle the essay writing task in the PTE exam with confidence. Practice diligently, adopt the suggested strategies, and watch your writing skills soar to new heights. With dedication and perseverance, success in the writing module is within your reach.

Proofread Carefully

Allocate time to proofread your essay for spelling and grammatical errors. Even minor mistakes can significantly impact your score, so meticulous proofreading is essential.

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Writing a winning essay in PTE exam is not an uphill battle. By understanding the task, following the marking norms and applying the right strategies, you can navigate this section easily. Accept the challenge, practice diligently, and soon you will be on your way to achieving your desired score. 


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