Strategies for PTE Summarize Written Text

Strategies for PTE Summarize Written Text

Strategies for PTE Summarize Written Text

Summarize written text section in Pearson Test of English can have a significant impact on your overall performance. This task assesses both writing and reading abilities, making it important to understand its complexities. This guide offers expert tips and proven techniques to effectively tackle this task.

Understanding Marking Criteria

Key to success in any assessment lies in understanding the grading rubric. In PTE summarize written text, seven points are distributed across four parameters: content, form, grammar and vocabulary. Content is of paramount importance, emphasizing the importance of including keywords relevant to the given paragraph. Maintaining the prescribed word limit (5 to 75 words) ensures a good score in the form aspect. Accuracy of grammar and spelling contribute significantly to the overall marks, with each mistake resulting in a deduction. Finally, a broad vocabulary, devoid of repetitions and contractions, earns points in the vocabulary area.

Identify Keywords

When reading a passage, pay close attention to keywords and repeated phrases. These are essential elements that should be included in your summary to demonstrate your understanding of the text. Aim to include at least six to seven keywords from the paragraph in your response.

Utilizing Universal Template

One of the most effective tools for presenting summarize Written text in PTE writing, is universal Template. This template streamlines the summarization process, making it accessible and efficient for test-takers. By following simple but structured guidelines, such as using a sentence with a full stop, employing appropriate connectors (e.g., and, but), and avoiding abbreviations and examples, candidates can significantly increase their performance. The template facilitates the selection of relevant sentences from the passage, ensuring comprehensive coverage of key points while maintaining coherence and brevity.

Strategic Sentence Selection

Success of summarize Written Text in PTE Writing module depends largely on the strategic selection of sentences from a given paragraph. Choose sentences rich in nouns and devoid of excessive examples and repetition. Start by selecting two to four important sentences from the paragraph that capture its main ideas. Connect these sentences using appropriate transition words such as "furthermore," "furthermore," or "additionally." This creates a cohesive summary that flows logically from one point to the next. Aim to cover diverse aspects of the text by selecting sentences from different paragraphs, while ensuring an overall summary.

Additionally, prioritize clarity and coherence by avoiding complex sentences and focusing on simple connectors for smooth transitions between ideas.

Optimizing Word Limit

How many words in PTE summarize written text?

It is important to balance conciseness with comprehensiveness to effectively meet the prescribed word limit. Aim for a concise but informative summary within the range of 60 to 70 words, ensuring adequate coverage of key concepts without exceeding the limit. In cases of lengthy sentences, consider paraphrasing or omitting non-essential information to maintain conciseness. Conversely, supplement shorter sentences with additional points to maximize content while staying within the word limit.

Remember, your summary should only be one sentence. Avoid the temptation to write too many sentences or exceed the word limit. Using proper punctuation, such as a full stop at the end, is important to maintain form and follow task requirements.

Proofreading for Perfection

Before final submission, careful proofreading is paramount to correct any grammatical, spelling or structural errors. Take a systematic approach by reviewing the summary several times, focusing on different aspects with each iteration. Start by reading from top to bottom for coherence and flow, then read from bottom to top to spot errors. Pay special attention to grammar, spelling, and word choice, ensuring accuracy and clarity throughout the summary.

Practice Regularly

Like any skill, consistent practice is helpful in PTE Summarize written text  task. Take advantage of online platforms like Vision Language Experts Portal to access practice materials, PTE mock tests, and expert guidance. Regular practice sessions are essential to become familiar with the task format, improve your summarizing techniques, and gain confidence in handling diverse paragraphs more effectively.

To sum up,

Summarize Written Text task in PTE Academic test is achievable with the right approach and preparation. By understanding the task requirements, following the marking criteria, and employing effective strategies, you can maximize your score and inch closer to your desired results. Keep practicing, stay focused, and remember that success is within reach.


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