How to Prepare for PTE Exam at Home?


How to Prepare for PTE Exam at Home?


n this video, our PTE expert, Vishal Kapoor, provides valuable insights, strategies and techniques for a 21-day PTE preparation plan at home. He emphasizes on moral preparation with 3 to 4 hours of study daily. He suggests breaking down specific tasks for each day, incorporating strategies, modifying templates, and completing prediction questions. The objective of this plan is to help students achieve their desired marks through dedicated and focused preparation.

21-Day PTE Preparation Plan for Success at Home

The journey of preparing for the Pearson Test of English (PTE) from the confines of one's home is a challenge that, when met with dedication, promises a gratifying outcome. This comprehensive 21-day plan, curated by seasoned PTE experts, endeavors to guide aspirants through this process. Adhering to this plan ethically can significantly augment the likelihood of attaining the desired scores. The blueprint advocates for a well-balanced approach, requiring a daily commitment of 3 to 4 hours, thereby accommodating students with diverse schedules.


Day 1 and Day 2: Emphasis on Speaking and Writing

The inaugural two days of the plan are dedicated to honing the speaking and writing modules. Day one entails executing 15 read aloud tasks with a concentrated revision of the read aloud strategy. Additionally, candidates are assigned 30 repeat sentence exercises, 5 describe image tasks, 5 retell lecture tasks, 1 summarize written text, and 1 essay. The primary objective is to revisit strategies and templates while meticulously selecting relevant content for the tasks.


Day 2: replicates the tasks of Day 1

Reinforce strategies and templates. The goal remains to fortify familiarity with the tasks and enhance overall performance.


Day 3: Introduction to the Reading Module

On Day 3, the focus transitions to the reading module, incorporating tasks such as 10 read alouds, 30 repeat sentence exercises, 15 fill in the blanks, and 15 reorder paragraphs. The plan underscores the significance of comprehending content, adhering to grammar rules, and mastering collocations for effective reading performance.

Day 4: Continuing Reading and Introducing Listening

Day 4 sustains the reading tasks from Day 3 while introducing listening exercises. Candidates are tasked with 15 reading blanks, 15 reading and writing blanks, alongside 15 reorder paragraphs. The listening component incorporates 2 summarized spoken texts, 10 listening fill in the blanks, and 30 dictations.


Day 5: Strengthening Speaking, Reading, and Listening

Day 5 entails 25 repeat sentence exercises, 15 reading blanks, 15 reading and writing blanks, 5 describe image tasks, 1 essay, 35 reading fill in the blanks, and 20 reorder paragraphs. This marks the inclusion of tasks like highlighting correct words to enhance listening skills.


Day 6: Introduction of Highlight Correct Words

 Day 6 comprises 25 repeat sentence exercises, 20 reading fill in the blanks, 20 reading and writing fill in the blanks, 7 spoken text highlighting correct words, 10 listening fill in the blanks, and 30 dictations. The focus shifts towards mastering new tasks while maintaining consistency in repeats and dictations.


Day 7: PTE Full Mock Test

Day 7 assumes critical importance, featuring a comprehensive PTE mock test encompassing all sections. The objective is to assess overall performance, pinpoint areas of weakness, and seek guidance from mentors. Candidates are advised to undertake a full mock test, setting the stage for targeted improvement in the ensuing weeks.


Day 8 to Day 15: A Balanced Approach

Days 8 to 15 advocate for a balanced approach, revisiting speaking, reading, and listening modules. Tasks include repeats and tenses, dictations, reading blanks, reading and writing blanks, among others. The emphasis shifts towards achieving perfection, mitigating typing errors, and completing prediction questions for meticulous preparation.


Day 16 to Day 20: Intensive Revisions and Mock Tests

Days 16 to 20 involve rigorous revisions, completion of prediction questions, and the execution of mock tests. Repeat sentence exercises, reading blanks, reading and writing blanks, and dictations persist as focal points, ensuring a comprehensive preparation for the impending final examination.


Day 21: Exam Day Preparation

The final day, pivotal before the exam, accentuates the revision of strategies, templates, and prediction files. Emphasis is placed on microphone and headset testing, advocating for effective time management, rigorous proofreading, and maintaining composure during the examination.


Preparing for the PTE exam from the comfort of one's home demands a strategic and disciplined approach. This meticulously crafted 21-day plan, endorsed by PTE experts, offers a structured roadmap for success. Committed adherence to this plan, coupled with focus and dedication, can pave the way for achieving the desired scores. Consistency, thorough revisions, and meticulous attention to detail emerge as the quintessential keys to success in the PTE examination.


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